Lots of pictures posted to FB and Day by Day

Hey everyone, here’s a day by day of what I’ve been doing here in London. I’ve been spending the evenings when I get back trying to get my pictures organized into albums and uploaded to Facebook. The album links are at the end of this post 🙂

Saturday October 4th to Wednesday October 8 (in Walthamstow at an AirBNB booking)
– local sight-seeing and practice riding the “Tube”
– researched phones, internet, and travel on Tube (London Underground), trains and buses
– they don’t accept cash or coins on London buses
– purchased an “Oyster Card” and paid a lot for a month of unlimited travel on buses, trains and the Tube in London zones 1-3.
– decided to continue using my current iPhone and iPad with a UK issued mobile hotspot (mifi) from “Three Mobile”. I can receive local texts, make calls to USA and Europe using Skype, and continue to receive texts from other iPhones. I make a Skype call to check my Verizon voicemail. My iPhone 4 has a CDMA radio. There’s no cellular networks in Europe that use CDMA. I can also use the GPS on the iPhone and iPad using the mobile hotspot.
– chose the “Earl’s Court Hostel” near Central London for my next place to stay – booked it from Saturday October 11 to Saturday October 25.

Thursday October 9
– My Dad’s doctor put him in an elder-care rehab unit and I spent most of the day on the phone and on email finding out what happened and helping figure out next steps. My Dad is doing fine but is not getting the care he needs at the assisted living home that he has been at for the last 3 years. We need to find a new care facility that is better matched to his needs.

Friday October 10
– Laptop trouble-shooting and laptop replacement research for my daughter

Saturday October 11
– Moved from Walthamstow AirBNB to Earl’s Court Hostel
– About half the cost of the AirBNB. In a dorm with 5 other guys, free WiFi, people from all over the world
– British Museum

Sunday October 12
– Kensington Palace, Royal Gardens, and Royal Albert Hall

Monday October 13
– Natural History Museum, Booked Eden Project Hostel (in Cornwall, UK) from October 25 to November 3 and purchased National Express bus ticket to get there.

Tuesday October 14
– took train to Heathrow Airport and pick up National Express Bus Ticket, visited Brixton and Brixton Outdoor Market, attended Work That Reconnects gathering near the London Streatham Hill Station.

Wednesday October 15
– Visited nearby Brompton Library, organized photos, research for next destinations, transferred/uploaded photos in lounge at Earl’s Court Hostel

Thursday October 16
– Attended British Parliament and debates in the House of Commons, and in the House of Lords
– Had to go through airport-style screening but no ID requested from me
– Machine gun toting military-style police were guarding Parliament and House chambers

NYC and Beyond Sept-Oct 2014

Walthamstow, London UK

Kensington Royal Gardens & Royal Albert Hall

London Natural History Museum

Visit Parliament – House of Commons & House of Lords

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