Spirit of Justice Conversation: Michelle Alexander & Naomi Klein

This will be held in place of our regular meeting on Feb. 22nd at 7pm
2945 NW Circle Blvd, Corvallis

Join us for viewing this pre-recorded NYC Union Theological Seminary Feb 15th program.
A riveting dialogue with award-winning journalist and best-selling author Naomi Klein and Union visiting professor Michelle Alexander about the current crises of our time and why we must connect the dots between the intersecting issues of white supremacy, rape culture, climate chaos and wealth hoarding.

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Stop ETP – No Bayou Bridge Pipeline Corvallis Action

RSVP here: https://actionnetwork.org/events/stop-etp-no-bayou-bridge-pipeline-corvallis
March 3rd, 10am at Wells Fargo, 235 NW Monroe, Corvallis

Join us as we take action to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline that would cut across Southern Louisiana. This pipeline would connect with the Dakota Access Pipeline system and is being built by the same company that built DAPL, Energy Transfer Partners.

From February 26 – March 3 communities are mobilizing for the Week of Action to Stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. We hope that you can join us!

For more information on the L’eau Est La Vie Camp that is resisting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana, please visit NoBBP.org. For more information on the #NoBayouBridge solidarity campaign, visit NoBayouBridge.global.

Donate to the “Valve Turners”

Learn more here: https://actionfund-climatedisobedience.nationbuilder.com/donate

**Save the Date – We will be having a fundraiser for the Valve Turners on April 14th***

Is there a climate emergency?

Learn more about climate science, why 350 matters, and what you can do.