350Corvallis has been on hiatus during the pandemic, but there is still enthusiasm to keep the group going. If you would like to join us and/or are interested in helping with leadership, join us on this Zoom call.

Zoom Meeting
Time: Mar 25, 2021 05:30 PM Pacific Time

Meeting ID: 916 4035 1257
Passcode: CO2e
call-in phone# 253 215 8782
re-login every 40 minutes when session times out
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Local Carbon Offset Fund

Thinking of buying carbon offsets? Keep your money local and contribute to this fund that will help schools and low income families in Corvallis and surrounding communities put solar on their roofs.

Try the Carbon Offset Calculator

todays CO2 levels

Is there a climate emergency?
Learn more about climate science, why 350 matters, and what you can do.