OSU Alumni For Divestment

OSU Alumni for Divestment

It’s time for the Oregon State University Foundation to pull their investments (divest) from fossil fuels.  Alumni can play an important role in this movement.  We make up a large pool of those who make donations to the foundation and it’s our duty to tell them that it’s wrong for them to use our money in supporting companies that are wrecking the planet.

Need to know more about fossil fuels divestment?  You can find resources here.

Take Action Now!

Here are 3 options for telling the foundation to divest.

1. Send a letter by snail mail.  You can write your own start with our template. Perhaps even include a voided check with how much you will donate if they divest. docx template, pdf template

2. Give them a call and tell them to divest, 800-354-7281.

3. Send an email.  Use this sample email or feel free to personalize it and send to: OSUFoundation@oregonstate.edu

Dear J. Michael Goodwin:

As a graduate of Oregon State University, I know firsthand the high quality of education provided to students. I appreciate not only the education I received, but also the values that OSU stands for. The Foundation is tasked with supporting the goals and mission of OSU which includes the promotion of, “economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world, “ and, “Advancing the Science of Sustainable Earth Ecosystems; Improving Human Health and Wellness; and Promoting Economic Growth and Social Progress.”

Considering this, I find it contradictory that OSU invests its endowment, and therefore alumni donations, in the fossil fuel industry. I ask that OSU Foundation divest from the fossil fuel industry. Thoughtful management of funds can help us do this with little or no risk to our rate of return. Students have already raised this issue on campus along with students at hundreds of other universities, giving OSU the opportunity to lead this blossoming movement.

I will commit to making a pledge once the Foundation has committed to fossil fuel divestment. I believe this transition is fundamentally important to the integrity of this institution and plan on encouraging other alumni to make the same commitment.