Divest Corvallis

Following our campaign, the city of Corvallis passed a resolution to divest!  You can read more here.

OSU Alumni for Divestment!

Contact the foundation to tell them to divest.
Please like us on facebook so we can keep in touch and share info on upcoming actions.

Sign the OSU Divest petition.

If you are part of the OSU community you can learn more about the OSU divest campaign on their facebook page.

OSU Divest in the news:

OSU Senate backs foundation divestment in fossil fuel firms 
ASOSU Senate approves resolution to divest from fossil fuels
ASOSU House rejects OSU Divest resolution


Benton County Divest

The Benton County Divestment campaign took an interesting turn this summer.  The short version is that they signed a resolution in favor of investing in clean energy, but stopped short of recommending divestment.  You can read more about it here.

Not sure what divestment is?  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

The Case for Fossil-Fuels Divestment by Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone Magazine

Video from Democracy Now

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