Directory of Corvallis area groups and organizations working on climate related issues

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Corvallis Area Move to Amend

The powerful foes of the progress we must make are the wealthiest individuals and their mega corporations.  This is, to a great extent, because of Supreme Court  decisions. The Constitution must be AMENDED to say that money is not speech and corporations are not people, learn more.

Corvallis Chapter Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Our goal is a national carbon fee & dividend program that puts a price on carbon pollution. See or contact one of our local group leaders for more information, or like us on facebook.

Corvallis Climate Action Plan (CAP)

The city of Corvallis is working on a Climate Action Plan. You can read about the plan and submit input here.

The Corvallis Environmental Center

The Corvallis Environmental Center’s Energize Corvallis programs are dedicated to helping Corvallis become one of the most energy-efficient, climate-friendly cities in the United States, learn more

Corvallis High School Green Club

Crescent Valley High SEA Club

Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Action Teams

-Energy Action Team

The Energy Action Team of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition endeavors to reach the three energy goals of the Sustainability Action Plan focused generally on energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and carbon neutrality. 

-Transportation Action Team

The Transportation Action Team strives to assist individuals, families, and organizations to reduce car use and choose transportation options like walking, cycling, transit, and carpooling.

-Water Action Team

Every drop of tapwater and wastewater discharge uses energy, burns coal, and emits airborne carbon. The Coalition’s Water Action Team is helping Corvallis reduce water use and water discharge by 50% by 2050.

-Land Use Action Team

Corvallis will be a sustainable & compact city with walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods, a vibrant downtown, natural areas interwoven in urban landscapes and green building practices.

-Waste Prevention Action Team

Studies have shown that a Zero Waste approach is one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective strategies for protecting the climate.

Learn more about the coalition and it’s action teams.

First Congregational UCC, Integrity of Creation

The Integrity of Creation group at First Congregational seeks to faithfully guide and practice good stewardship in the world God entrusts to us, learn more.

First United Methodist Church, Natural Step Congregation

We are a Natural Step Congregation, choosing to be on a journey to sustainability in recognition that we are stewards of God’s creation for all generations, learn more

League of Women Voters of Corvallis

The League of Women Voters has been in the forefront of education and advocacy related to climate change at the national, state, and local level. Since 2006, the national League has been lobbying the president and Congress on climate change legislation, and the Oregon League’s state action team has been a strong voice for climate protection at the state legislature, learn more.

Mary’s Peak Chapter Sierra Club

For more information on the Climate Action group contact Debra,  dwhigbes<at>gmail<dot>com

OSU Sustainability Office

The OSU Sustainability Office provides students and non-students tangible ways to reduce their carbon footprint and that of campus, learn more.

OSU Divest

Telling the OSU foundation to end investments in fossil fuels, like them on facebook.

OSU Spring Creek Project

The challenge of the Spring Creek Project is to bring together the practical wisdom of the environmental sciences, the clarity of philosophical analysis, and the creative, expressive power of the written word to find new ways to understand and re-imagine our relation to the natural world, learn more.

OSU Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative

By creating new alliances between the humanities and the environmental sciences, the Environmental Humanities Initiative offers educational, research, and outreach programs that will help humankind make the difficult turn toward a more sustainable life on Earth, learn more.

Pacific Green Party

Nationally and Internationally, the Green Party is the only political party that makes environmental sustainability, and therefore climate stability, a foundational principle. Get involved here.

Raging Grannies

The Corvallis Raging Grannies work for peace, social and environmental justice and economic equality with songs and humor. We write satirical lyrics to old familiar tunes, and perform whenever and wherever our message needs to be heard, learn more.

Seeds for the Sol

Seeds for the Sol front loads the State and Federal tax incentives for residential solar, by providing zero-interest loans to mid to low income families, to purchase 3 kW of Photovoltaic solar panels.   Over the next 4 years, these families will “harvest” the tax incentives and repay their loan, with minimal money out of pocket. Become a sunharvester or a sunbuddy here.

SET(Students Engaging Tomorrow)

OSU students working on getting the OSU foundation to divest from fossil fuels. Join on facebook.

Walking the talk on fossil fuels: promoting solar power, lobbying against fossil fuels, divestment and community forums,a href=””> learn more here.


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