NYC People’s Climate March – travel day 4 (9/16/14)

Hi everyone, I’m up early to finish this blog after a second night on the People’s Climate Train.

We’re on the Amtrak California Zephyr from Emeryville to Chicago arriving at 9:30pm today (Wednesday). Then we transfer to the Amtrak Lake Shore Limited train from Chicago arriving in NYC 6:30pm tomorrow (Thursday).

I wasn’t able to find batteries for my keyboard yesterday so I’m one finger tapping this on my iPhone keyboard. I haven’t graduated to the two thumb efficiency that I see others of you using 🙂

This is a very diverse group on the train but one of the less represented demographics are people ages 35 or so to 55 or so. Some of us have children in that age range who are raising kids with both parents working. I think there are more people in their 20s, early 30s, and then 60s and older who are able to break free to do climate work.

It’s been an interesting challenge for the organizers to find the space for workshops on the train. Often the presenters are in the aisle and need to let passengers go by through the group as they are talking. It’s amazing to be sitting in a workshop with sometimes 40 people or more (there are about 130 of us on this train and about 50 on a second train) on the moving train passing by beautiful countryside as well as oil refineries and oil trains offering immediate examples for workshop presenters.

Here are some of the workshop topics: climate chemistry, carbon pricing, nonviolent communication, Qi Gong, faith communities & climate, leadership tools for climate justice, teach-in about tar sands in Utah, indigenous resistance to Keystone XL…

It’s about 6:30am now and time to get up. I’ll be heading to the dining car this morning for breakfast. We’re in Nebraska now. We stopped in Lincoln earlier this morning. I notice that I don’t have reception on my phone right now – I’ll post this when I can. Here’s some links below. I’m thankful for this community of friends and family!


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“The NYC Climate Convergence, a conference advocating for “people, planet and peace over profit,” Sept. 19-21. EcoWatch will be live streaming many parts of the event courtesy of Stop Motion Solo, so if you can’t get to NYC, be sure to stay-tuned to EcoWatch. Subscribing to EcoWatch’s Top News of the Day is the best way to stay connected.”:

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