The Climate it is A-Changin’ – lyrics

To the tune of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They are A-Changin”

Come gather round people, CO2 levels are high   (G, Em, C, G)
And admit that the sea levels continue to rise   (G, Em, C D)
And accept that the fossil fuel cronies spread lies   (G, Em, C, G)
If the world to you is worth savin’   (G, Am, D)
So you better act now before the time flies   (D, D7, Gmaj7, D)
For the climate it is a changin’   (G, C, D, G)

(chords repeat for following verses)

Come scientists and writers who protest with your pen
And keep your eyes open the chance won’t come again
And don’t wait too long for the arctic ice thins
Another sign that the tipping points comin’
For when its too late no one will win
For the climate it is a changin’

Come mothers and fathers lets all take a stand
And don’t give up hope we’ll all do what we can
Your sons and your daughters need habitable land
The old ways they need replacin’
Please lets start a new way, we’ll all lend a hand
For the climate it is a changin’

Come senators, congressmen please heed the call
Don’t let corporate greed ruin us all
For he who wont act will be he who will fall
There’s droughts and there’s fires a ragin’
It’ll soon affect you too, there’s no time to stall
For the climate it is a changin’

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