350 Corvallis Organizational Changes

Since 350 Corvallis first formed in December of 2012, we have been evolving. The process has mostly happened organically, just taking it as it comes and adjusting things accordingly. We have identified two major areas that people have already been working on and decided to designate them as working groups, which will each have their own meetings. Then we will have one general meeting per month where everyone will come together. This will hopefully help us to focus on certain topic areas, reduce the overall number of meetings, and give a chance for people that can’t come to Thursday evening meetings to participate.

So here’s what you need to know:

General Meetings

4th Thursday of each month, 6:30-8pm, Westminster House (101 NW 23rd St. Corvallis)
Will include report backs from working groups, and other agenda items. May include a speaker, video, fun activity etc.

Working Groups

1. Act on Climate
This is basically the same group that formed from the Credo pledge of resistance to KXL and has been holding civil disobedience trainings. The group is currently focusing on direct action against NW fossil fuel exports, including oil trains and LNG terminals.
meetings: next meeting is July 8th, check our calendar for details

2. Fossil Fuels Divestment
There has always been a connection between our group and the OSU divest group, including OSU Alumni for divestment. This is a chance to open up to the larger community and include all possibilities from local government to faith based groups and more.
summer meeting times: 2nd Tuesdays 4pm at Nearly Normals (109 NW 15th St, Corvallis)

Please check our calendar for the latest info. on meetings and other events.

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